Werkstadt Graz



Lecture Performance


Sonntag, 7. Mai 2017, 12 Uhr

Ort: Sporgasse, Ritterordenhof, 8010 Graz


With „Alchemy of clothing“ a lecture performance and workshop by Dr.Ida-Marie Corell, she offers a new philosophical approach to the understanding of consume and usage.


In times of overconsumption and our global throw away plastic society,
of separation between insanely
rich and insane poverty,
in times of loss of dignity
and officially
of news
in times of fakes
and in times of poisoned lakes …

Recycling turns things into other things wich is like magic.


IDA-MARIE CORELL, geboren 1984 ist Künstlerin, musikalische Performerin und Autorin. Sie arbeitet an der Schnittstelle zwischen Kunst- , Musik- und Wissenstranfser. Sie studierte und promovierte an der Universität für angewandte Kunst Wien von 2003 – 2010 und arbeitet mit den Themen Massenkonsum, Plastik, Plastiktüte, Emotion, Aisthesis, Synästhesie, Identität, Transfer und Transzendenz.
Ida-Marie Corell lebt und arbeitet in Berlin, im Weinwirtel bei Wien und in Finnøy Norwegen.

Her dissertation „the phenomenology of the plastic bags“ won the publishing grant „edition angewandte“ of the University of the applied arts Vienna and was published 2011 titled „Alltagsobjekt Plastiktüte“ at Springer Wien New York Verlag. Her 2nd book „The artist is resident“ won the publishing grant „Florian und Ursula Werner“ and the Kunsthalle Arlberg 1800 Art Award 2013.

Her music has been described as:
„Female Benjamin Clementine“
„A chorus of angles and devils“

Ida-Marie Corell is a charismatic singer-poet, pianist/guitar composer and affecting emotional performer. She started her artistic career aged 12. She has also been highly praised for her distinctive vocals.
„I feel what I sing and I sing what I feel, I see what I hear and I hear what I see.“